Lapland – Chinese / English version


For many Lapland brings to mind holidays: skiing, snowmobiling and nights in a hotel. For others it is Sápmi, land of the Sámi people, where fells jut up from the horizon; relaxation, hiking, remote cabins, fishing in lakes in the wilderness or trolling for salmon amid the Tana river scenery. And for many, like me, the north is my home; work, fishing, sweaty trips picking cloudberries, sorting reindeer, day-to-day tasks. Lapland is all of that, and much more.

 With the help of the photographs in this book I would like to convey to you some of these natural wonders and many other experiences and adventures I’ve had on my photography trip amid the colourful Lapland nature.


《윗팹읊》 角寧굶루쒼緞鱗틔뺌꿍,冷角寧굶겟옰蝎,썽굇섐윗팹읊(윗귄)뒈혐뗌景돨루쒼、捺밟亮섟페밟窟돨君蹶。놔黨怒崑쭤懇(Ivalo)돨柰棍緞可伍뒝·暠랑퀼邱,힛枷쾨흔寧휑,휑鹿셨拈,닒꼇쇌뙤뒈탠윗팹읊(윗귄)돨루쒼,儉돨鱗틔綠潼흙袈꿍。쑵潔펜돨亮튬,횻뗍諒唐샙삔隙,섐拈돨뼝삭、섐弄敎拈꼇쭝돨格捺、굇섐밟돨괵랙、헬莖돨꾈찾暾絞鹿섟땝莖푤쟁깥룐拱쟁汽트돨헙쒼。



96 bi-lingual pages

Printed on high grade Finnish paper